Clinic Contacts

Bristol MedWorks Occupational Health


Clinic Coordinator: Laura Leonetti, RN 860-589-0114
Medical Note Requests: Debra Berthold 860-589-0114
Billing/Accounts Receivable: Carol Huff 860-714-2772
Sales Representative: Mike Matteo 860-202-0415


St Francis in Hartford CT
St. Francis-Hartford

Operations Manager: Michele Stevens 860-714-5528
Medical Note Requests:  860-714-5528
Billing/AR: Carol Huff 860-714-2772
Sales Rep: Mike Matteo 860-202-0415
Executive Wellness: 860-714-5528

ECHN Corp Care in South Windsor CT

South Windsor

Operations Manager: Carol Holman 860-647-4796
Medical Note Requests: Lynn Lord 860-647-4796
Billing/Accounts Receivable: Kelly Shepard 860-714-2774
Sales Representative: Brian Wright 860-647-4796

Med Works in Newington CT

Medworks, LLC

Operations Manager: Christine Moon 860-667-4418
Medical Note Requests: Kristie Sassu 860-667-4418
Billing/Accounts Receivable: Christine Ouellette 860-714-2776
Sales Representative: Mike Matteo 860-202-0415

St Francis in Torrington CT

St. Francis

Operations Manager: Jeanine Thibault 860-482-3467
Medical Note Requests: Robin Goff 860-482-3467
Billing/Accounts Receivable: Kelly Shepard 860-714-2774
Sales Representative: Mike Matteo 860-202-0415

St Francis in Windsor CT

St. Francis

Operations Manager: Curt Anderson 860-714-9438
Medical Note Requests:  860-714-9444
Billing/Accounts Receivable: Melissa Gilkes 860-2773
Sales Representative:  Mike Matteo 860-202-0415

Enfield-Johnson Occupational

Enfield Occupational
Medicine Center

Operations Manager: Kathy Heim  860-763-7668
Medical Note Requests:  Debbie Ponkala 860-763-7668
Billing/Accounts Receivable: Debbie Ponkala 860-763-7668
Sales Representative: Mike Matteo 860-202-0415


Derrick Amato Appointed to 2014 Advisory Panel for State of CT Workers Compensation Commission

State of Connecticut  Workers’ Compensation Commission is pleased to announce...

Physicians Certified to Perform DOT Exams

Our physicians are part of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners who are...

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Coventry Workers Compensation selects St. Francis Occupational Health to be part of their Outcomes-based Network Program.


The Official WCC Medical Protocols, which include the latest revisions on Opioid Management, are now available on the Commission’s website:

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