Post Offer Employment Test (POET)

The Post Offer Employment Test (POET):

Employers often use pre-employment testing to screen job applicants. Those who use post-offer employment testing, or POET, achieve an average 47% fewer workers’ comp injuries and three times higher retention than those who don’t use POET. (Anderson)

The purpose of a POET is to determine if the candidate you want to hire can safely perform the physical demands and essential functions of the job. This is not the same as a pre-employment physical, which is a medical examination. Medical exams determine overall fitness, but are not specific to the tasks of the job for which a candidate is being considered.

In keeping with ADA and EEOC requirements, POET can be administered only after you have made a formal job offer to an individual. Similar to drug testing, employment is contingent on successfully passing the POET assessment.

POET testing criteria are based on the same job demand analysis metrics used to create the job description. That ensures the post-offer employment test for that particular job is 100% consistent, from one candidate to another, and from one job site to another. This is especially important for employers with multiple regional or national facilities.

POET and Its Benefits:

A Post-Offer Employment Test (POET) is a physical assessment given to a prospective employee after a formal job offer has been made by the employer. In order to be hired, the candidate must pass the physical assessment, which tests whether he or she can perform the physical demands of the job in a safe manner.

Benefits of a POET:

  • Decreased turnover because the “right” employees are hired (industry wide approximately 10% of those tested FAIL and are not hired).
  • New hires understand in advance the physical demands of their jobs.
  • There is increased safety for new workers and co-workers through decreased accidents.
  • Injuries decrease in number and severity.
  • Test is compliant with ADA and EEOC guidelines and is 100% legal when performed in a standardized manner.


Why Choose COMP, LLC

  • Expert provider of POET services.
  • All employees and all locations receive a standardized test.
  • Single point of contact to schedule test and communicates results within hours of test completion.
  • We customize the POET program to test the smallest number of employees across your job functions and locations to have the greatest positive impact.
  • Average time to schedule test is within 24 hours, which means no delay in your hiring process.
  • Our POET is based on a detailed job demands analysis — we don’t rely on a mere simulation of functions.
  • The POET can also help with reasonable accommodation situations.
  • Our POET establishes a baseline for treatment of worker, if future injury occurs.
  • We pick up therapy after an injury to ensure rehab is according to baseline and performed in most cost-efficient manner.
  • COMP’s POET program generates an average ROI of 325% for our clients.

Interested in Learning More?

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