Physical Therapy

Available at Windsor/Torrington/South Windsor/Hartford and Newington

In conjunction with injury care

Our physical therapy department interacts directly with our onsite doctors and outside referral sources to ensure a continuum of quality care during the rehabilitation process.

Work Fitness Assessments

The physical therapy department is responsible for developing and administering work fitness exams as part of the pre-employment process. The work fitness exam is a physical ability test that coincides with the duties required for a specific job description.

Ergonomic Evaluations

We also provide office ergonomic assessments for a variety of business settings. Research shows that a high percentage of worker compensation claims stem from repetitive injuries as a result of poor ergonomic design.

Specialized Services

Patient education is a key factor in injury prevention and management. We not only provide patient education during the rehabilitation process but provide on the job educational sessions involving job specific flexibility exercises in conjunction with lifting technique training.

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