Testing Services

Available at all offices

Random Drug Screen Pool:

DOT guidelines are followed to keep clients in compliance. Employees can have the drug screen collected in any of our locations. We can manage your DOT-regulated random testing program from start to finish. We can maintain your testing database and assist in scheduling and coordinating random drug and alcohol testing. Our team will review all results for accuracy and validity, ensuring your programs are fair to all parties involved. Rely on Medworks to run your random pool program efficiently and accurately using our sophisticated medical software. Medworks will remain compliant with D.O.T protocols and assures to keep you compliant with DOT regulations. Managing your DOT-regulated random screening program can be simple.

For information please contact Mignel Gonzalez at 860-667-8397 or mgonzalez@stfranciscare.org at our Newington Location, for more information.

Urine Drug Screen Collection:

DOT certified drug screen collectors in all offices.

Medical Review Officer:

Medical review officer for urine drug screen results.

Audiometric testing (hearing):

Audiometric testing (hearing) baseline or annual hearing test. An annual test used to quantify the degree of hearing loss. The device delivers acoustic stimuli of specific frequencies (pure tones) at specific intensities so the employees hearing threshold for each frequency can be determined.

Hearing conservation programs

Hearing conservation programs are offered in the majority of our offices and are performed by a Certified Hearing Conservationist.


Hepatitis B, Flu, MMR (Measles Mumps & Rubella), Varicella (Chicken pox), Rabies and Tetanus (Tdap).


Needed yearly for health care workers and upon hire.

Breath Alcohol Testing:

All staff members are Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians.

Spirometry (Pulmonary Function Test):

Spirometry is offered in all our offices with the majority of the testing being performed by NIOSH certified testers. Spirometry is an annual computer analysis of the functional capacity of your lungs which can be compared to previous results so pulmonary problems like emphysema, bronchitis or asthma can be detected.

A spirometry breathing test shows how well you can move air in and out of your lungs.


Inhalation of some dusts, gases, or other air contaminants in your workplace as well as some personal exposures, such as cigarette smoking, can harm your lungs. Spirometry testing (a type of pulmonary or lung function test) may identify breathing problems early, which may prevent more serious problems. Spirometry testing is re­quired for some workers by OSHA standards (see Screening and Surveillance: A Guide to OSHA Standards at www.osha.gov/Publications/osha3162.pdf) [366 PDF*, 40 pages].

Spirometry testing may be performed on workers who are required to perform job tasks that are physically demanding, require wearing a respira­tor, or cause exposure to certain possible breath­ing hazards. Workers who show signs of breathing problems may also be tested.

Information from https://www.osha.gov/Publications/osha3418.html

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