COMP,LLC  was formed in 1998 to provide support services to its hospital members who desired a means to have their individually owned Occupational Health Clinics effectively collaborate in delivering 100% Occupational Health Services in a cohesive network model . This affords and enables each clinic to retain its ownership while leveraging; uniform consistent best practices in evidence based medicine, utilization of the same Occupational Medicine system platform and ability to service employers who have broader geographic needs beyond one clinic to access the clinics via its network footprint.

COMP, LLC is a service organization that supports the member clinics with such services as;

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Account Management retention
  • Collections
  • System enhancements
  • Strategic consulting services
  • Billing audits
  • Client issue resolution


Today the Hospitals members that avail themselves of COMP’s support services are

  • Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center
  • Mt Sinai Hospital
  • Johnson Memorial Hospital
  • Bristol Hospital
  • ECHN/Prospect

This membership partnership creates a network of pure occupational services across the Greater Hartford with access to 7 clinics.

Mission Statement:

Connecticut Occupational Medicine Partners, LLC (COMP) Hospital member clinics mission is to offer employers the highest quality of care for their employees in a cost effective manner. The continuum of occupational health that is provided across the member network; restores, maintains and promotes the health of today’s workforce. COMP brings added service value through its members integrated network relationship with our hospital partners. Our success is measured by the satisfaction of both our employers and their employees.

Benefits: Why use us?

  • Improved injury care
  • Timely appointments and communication
  • Timely patient access to specialist’s as needed
  • Reduced Injury related lost work days
  • Improved workplace compliance
  • Reduced workplace injuries
  • Increased employee productivity

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