Why Choose COMP?

  • Sales & Account Management and Website Marketing
  • Standard Practice Management Systems with Upgrades and Support (SYSTOC) 
  • Specialized Operational Support for Providers of Occupational Medicine  
  • Negotiating PPO Agreements, Provider Credentialing with Workers’ Comp carriers
  • Performance Metrics and Improvement Guidance
  • AR Revenue Cycle Management
  • Regular Quality Review of Clinic Billing Practices
  • Strategic Planning – New Product Development for Growing Business Opportunities
  • Annual Processing of Connecticut DOL Grants

When you join COMP you will receive support in

  • Network participation to increase sales opportunities
  • Enhanced downstream referral revenue capture
  • Effective businesses strategies ensuring strong client retention and satisfaction 
  • Common practice management platform
  • 100% commitment to occupational medicine
  • Detailed monthly quality and financial reporting
  • AR revenue cycle expertise
  • Clinical billing audits and training

For More Information On How To Join COMP Contact Mallory Davis

(Business Development Manager) 

Mallory Davis (Business Development Manager )

1000 Asylum Ave, Suite 4310, Hartford, CT 06105

(860) 714-2773